Thank you for your interest in submitting one or more of your titles to the 2018 Mathical Book Prize, organized by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. The 2018 Prize submission period will open in Fall 2017; to receive notifications when the submission period opens, sign up to receive a notification when the 2018 Mathical submission period begins.

A list of past eligibility guidelines are below the form. Additional information can be found on the 2017 guide for publishers, or by emailing the Mathical Book Prize coordinator.

2018 Mathical Call for Submissions (Coming Soon!)

Submission Forms (available Fall 2017)

All submissions must include book title, author, illustrator, publisher, ISBN, age category, and book description, as well as publisher contact information. There are two options for submission: online form (for individual titles) or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (for multiple titles). For publishers guidance, a list of 2017 submission criteria is listed below; any updates to the 2018 Prize will be posted on this site by October 2017.

Reference: 2017 Submission Guidelines (2018 Guidelines coming soon)


  • Publishers may submit a number of front list titles (published in 2016) equal to 25% of their annual output.
  • Publishers may also submit up to 7 backlist titles (published prior to 2016, but still in print) for consider.
  • Books submitted last year are not eligible for resubmission.


  • Mathical Book Prize winners are limited to front list titles only (published in calendar year 2016).
  • Mathical Honor Books: Any publication year is accepted as long as the title is currently available in print.


  • Both fiction and nonfiction titles may be submitted.
  • Textbooks, workbooks, kits, and/or experiment-only books are not eligible.


  • Books must be intended for grades Pre-K through 12.


  • All books must originate with a children’s publishing company or division and must be published (not simply distributed) by a publisher incorporated in the U.S.
  • Spanish-language editions published in the U.S. simultaneously with English-language editions are eligible.
  • Books translated into English are eligible.


  • Publishers will be contacted to share materials (such as high resolution cover images) if any submissions are selected as 2017 winning titles or honor books.


For additional information, please contact Kirsten Bohl, Mathical Book Prize coordinator, at